Get Your Mojo

Get your Mojo Workin' to Your Favorite Classic Rock

No Mersey is a classic rock band that specializes in playing covers of The Beatles and other rock bands from the 60s up to the present. With every performance, we aim to live up to our frequent billing as "your favorite good times band."

Where We Started

Our band was formed in the early 2000s with members Zoe Veritas, Elliot Hurwitz, Al Sklaar, and founder Ed Howe, who is our lead guitarist. We have since performed at several venues across Long Island and New York, New York, and throughout New Jersey.

Our Members

Ed, together with Bob, had previously played with several bands in the NYC music scene. Bob met Zoe while she served as a stand-in during a rehearsal with one of these bands. She was subsequently introduced to Ed by Bob. Meanwhile, Elliot, who knew Al, had performed with Ed for the Tall Man Band.

Recently, Al had left the band to pursue a solo career. With his departure, Westchester-native Dave Lieberman stepped in to play bass for us.

See Us Play Live

Get your mojo on at 10:00 p.m. on every first Thursday of the month as we perform live at Greenwich Village's music staple, The Red Lion. We hope to see you there!